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OUR new state of art Digital Cone Beam Computer Tomography (CBCT) 3-D Imaging scanner

Posted By: Posted On: September 17, 2018
Before ; Patients would have to be referred out to another office or mobile service; at additional elevated cost as well as less convenient additional scheduling needs for their 3-D imaging appointment.
Now; With our GENORAY in office CBCT latest equipment; patients can be offered SAME-day more convenient immediate 3-D imaging; without additional scheduling burdens & patients can  save over 75-100$ on costs savings: Main applications; uses being for evaluation of unerupted, impacted teeth (inc. wisdom teeth; and congenitally absent teeth) ; any hard or soft tissue pathology; more in depth diagnostic evaluation of sinuses within patients’ cheek bones (maxillary sinuses) ; more diagnostic evaluations of fractured teeth; as well as present standard of care 3-D imaging for Dental Implants; all completed within 20seconds;at touch of scanner button; and being digital; far more ergonomic: with patients standing in a most comfortable non-clostrophobic position ( as opposed to previous machines; with patient lying on bench with clostrophobic drum passing inched from across your face ); as well as far less radiation than prior systems by over 45%
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