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Non-Surgical Treatment Methods

Treatment methods depend upon the type of disease and how far the condition has progressed.

The emphasis in Dr. Mardirossian’s practice is conservative periodontal therapy.

Many times, the early stages of periodontal disease are best treated with non-surgical periodontal therapy.

This usually consists of placing a fine ultrasonic tip or hand scaler/curette in between the tooth and gum tissue to remove bacterial plaque and calculus (tartar) below the gum line. The tooth roots may also be planed to smooth the root surfaces.

This procedure is commonly known as Scaling and Root Planing or Periodontal Debridement.

This initial periodontal therapy along with good personal oral hygiene allows the gum tissue to heal and reattach to the tooth.

Four to six weeks later, periodontal pockets are eliminated due to gum shrinkage (if the disease is in its earliest stage). Then the patient can personally maintain these areas with routine brushing and flossing.

Even in most severe cases of periodontal disease, non-surgical periodontal therapy most often precedes surgical therapy.
This is done so that the active periodontal infection is reduced and the overall tissue quality is improved prior to surgery. This procedure may also limit the areas requiring surgery.